East Old Town Of Tallinn

On East side of Old Town is Viru Gate, ivy-covered towers at the entrance to Viru Street. Towers have been built in 14th century for part of the defending system of Tallinn. The towers are actually only the foregates for a much more complex gate system built in the 14th century. There was large square tower behind the towers, but it and the part of the Viru Gate were pulled down in the 1880s to make room for traffic. Viru Street with its many shops and restaurants has become one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the Old Town.

Müürivahe is the street on East and South where another side of the street on East is stonewall. Müürivahe is the most well-known knit market place. Narrow street in photo below is Sauna, what is one of the narrowest streets in Old Town. There’s at least one very popular and cosy restaurant Frank.

In the lowest photos is beautiful buildings from the easternmost street of Old Town, Aia.