Kumu And Mikkel Museums

Kumu is the headquarters of Art Museum of Estonia, what situates in Kadriorg neighborhood. It has been opened in 2006 and it is the largest exhibition venue in Estonia. There’s collections of Estonian art starting from the early 18th century what are displayed on the third and fourth floors, and a modern art gallery is on the fifth floor. Half of the exhibitions are Estonian art and other half international historical art and modern art.

The author of the architectural project for the Kumu building is the Finnish architect Pekka Juhani Vapaavuori (b. 1962), who won the international architectural competition held in 1993–1994 with his project “Circulos”. On underground floors of the museum are stored 60 000 exhibits of Estonia. Kumu is also centre for different events held in 250-seat auditorium, lobby and restaurant. Kumu is in harmony with ancient Kadriorg Park despite of it’s size. There’s old wood houses very near around it.

Tallinn Charm recommends to visit with time in Kumu, what has many interesting exhibitions on 5 floors at the same time.

Website: http://kumu.ekm.ee/en/


Mikkel Museum situates near the Kadriorg Palace other side of the road. It has been the kitchen building of the palace. Mikkel Museum has opened in 1997 with the private collection of Johannes Mikkel. Half wooden house was originally built at the beginning of the 19th century and it has been completely restored.

Johannes Mikkel (1907) worked as a manager in several antique shops in the post-war period in Tallinn. He collected West-European, Russian, Chinese and Estonian masterpieces, what he donated lately to Art Museum Of Estonia. Collection includes graphics, paintings, porcelain, ceramics, woodcuts and etchings.

Website: http://mikkelimuuseum.ekm.ee/en/