About Architecture


Stockholm has versatile architecture from 13th century houses to just built modern buildings. One of the most special buildings of it’s architecture is Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Norrmalm. Stockholm Waterfront is designed by White, Scandinavia’s leading architect company starting in the beginning of 21st century and it has been built until 2008.

Here’s collection from different architecture styles in Norrmalm. Central of Stockholm has been built into very dense city plan and there have been built new buildings next to older ones like you can see below from the photo where’s building year 1995 on the wall of the apartment house. Skew modern building in the lowest photo is hotel in Östra Järnvägsgatan.

You can find more about Stockholm’s architecture in Swedish Centre Of Architecture And Design, ArkDes in Skeppsholmen. There’s drawings, models and design in the centre from 19th century until today.