Victorian Fashion



I went to visit in KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn and one of the exhibitions was Poetry And Spleen: The Victorian Female Image And Fashion.

If you’re traveling in Tallinn I recommend to visit in KUMU Art Museum. It is quite big art museum with several interesting exhibitions at the same time. I write to this post only about one exhibition what was there this summer, Poetry And Spleen: The Victorian Female Image And Fashion from Aleksandre Vassiliev’s collection. I will do soon another post about other exhibition there.

Exhibition consisted of nearly 50 costumes and more than 150 accessories, along with carefully selected colour fashion plates and photos, which convey the atmosphere of the era. Victorian femininity in 19th century was repressed and chained. In fashion it appeared as new silhouette, what was made with corset and hoop skirt. Name of the era has come from English queen Victoria (1837–1901), who is internationally known symbol of 19th century fashion.

English and French design had conflict in the era. Most of the haute couture was made in Paris while England has the queen Victoria. The dominant emotion of era was melancholy, and the poet Charles Baudelaire described this continuous feeling of melancholy by using the term spleen.

Dresses of the upper class were decorative with embroidery and lace. You could view in the exhibition hand sewed details from close and made a recognition how small women have been. Many of the dresses were dark and black, what made them very gothic.

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