W16 Kajo



It’s nearly summer again and schools are holding their fashion shows again, so I write again reports how all went. First one was Wetterhoff’s fashion show Kajo W16.

Kajo W16 was held at Cable Factory Friday 13th of May. Last year their show was free, but this time they sold tickets in advance by 5 euros and 10 euros from the door. There was a lot of audience, more than last year. Their catwalk was turned “L” shaped and I was asked to go take photos in front of short part of catwalk. It revealed that their choreography wasn’t thought to the end properly, models stood their backs in front of the part of the audience and all the outfits couldn’t be seen nearly at all from the place. All designers have done three outfits and the last model of all collections didn’t walk in front of the part of audience at all. In the middle of the show one photographer who sat down on the floor left and I got his place to take better photos.

Show lasted over an hour and it’s general view was quite black, because all outfits of the shoe designers despite of shoes were black. There was only a couple color spots in the show this time. Fashion Show’s website: http://www.w16kajo.com/

Ingrid Hildén (pic above and next below) had made both, clothes and very fine head pieces to her mainly black collection called Venomous what ended the show. She has good hand sewing skills and know how to make outfits to stand out in fashion show.




There was many imaginative shoes in the show. Jenni Rantala’s huge platform shoe collection called Breaking Point was one of the most whopping collection. There was led lights on one pair of the shoes. Elina Sekki had made among other shoes golden shoes with huge spikes. One of the pairs was in the showroom area of the fashion show, where was easy to take good photos of the shoes.




Päivikki Turunen had made colorful knitwear collection what stood out in the middle of dark and grey collections. Name of the collection was Havina and the knits had beautiful flow when models walked.

Check out all the photos from the show here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/albums/72157666040796034



Wind In Hair



Two new fashion illustrations.

These are pencil and acrylic color illustrations.



Punk’n Tulle Dreams



I finally made mixed media artworks to old window brought from Tallinn.

I brought old window from Tallinn to be frame for art in December 2014 and here it is finally in use. I cleaned and varnished it. For these mixed media artworks I used acrylic paints, fashion magazine clippings, tulle, leather, studs and glitter nail polish.