My Sites

Natja K. – Web & Graphic Design

My bywork firm’s website, what is my main site and domain. This is my portfolio, what is made as last school work in December 2012. Background image is the scene of Helsinki taken from Mustikkamaa in June 2013. This site was asked to code to HTML4 and CSS2, but I changed CSS2 after estimation of(…)

Portfolio 2011 – Various Design

This portfolio is made during studies in the end of the year 2011. There’s all kind of works from websites to print and from flash to handmade art. This portfolio is HTML5 and CSS3 and I have modified the code from mixing two existing sites code together and of course write more my own.(…)

Natja K. Web Shop – dokumentaatio

Natja K. Webshop is practise work of coding an online from the scratch. It is made in during studies in Metropolia and it’s function based on Metropolia’s bigger server’s personal user security. There was opened a session for the user and it was open all the time and there happened buying sessions inside the opened session. So this site cannot work entirely on a basic server.