Centre Pompidou Málaga


I visited museum called Centre Pompidou in Málaga.

In Málaga there’s museum with same name, Pompidou as in Paris. Centre Pompidou Málaga situates next to sea and there’s only colorful box made of glass over the ground, museum itself situates on floors under the ground. There was two exhibitions going in Centre Pompidou, Architecture of Paris and basic collection of the museum. I didn’t take photos from miniatures of buildings in Paris, because they weren’t so photogenic.

Basic collection of Centre Pompidou Málaga consists of smaller entities called Metamorphosis, Self-portraits, Men without faces, Political body and Pieces of body. There was one (or two) artwork by many famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall or Joan Miró for giving status to the museum. For building the better idea for different entities, there would have needed more artworks from same artist or orientation.

There was still a couple of interesting artworks what stand alone. One of the bests was installation of praying women made of aluminium foil by Kader Attia and named to Ghost. Empty forms were evoking the absence of humanity in society that seemed to be comprised of ghostly entities of a moving fragility.

Other interesting artworks I picked to this post is from my all time favorite artist Marc Chagall – Dimanche (Sunday) what was in self-portraits section. Stylish artworks made of iron wire is made by Alexander Calder and it’s name is Mask. Photo portrait is made by Li Yongbin and named as Visage.

Centre Pompidou Málaga’s website: http://centrepompidou-malaga.eu
You can check all photos I took here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/albums/72157678364479540