Natja K. Design

August Sun Hippie



Warm late afternoon’s August sun made all colors shine in this hippie style photoshoot.

I made this outfit inspired by this summer’s trends, boho chic, fringes and bell button jeans. Photos are shot in Botanical Garden in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. Sun made all colors to shine, but shadow areas looked dark. Sunrays created happy shiny hippie world to the shades of the trees.



Two Ethical Bags



I made two basic bags from recycled leather jacket.

I bought short recycled leather jacket from UFF with 2 euros, when they had their exact change days. Leather jacket had a lot of seams and it shows in bags. The seams of leather jacket refined how I put zippers on bag above.

I have had ages orange zippers with head of indian and they gave me an idea to do bags with indian theme. I made feather decoration from orange and purple remnant of leather.



Goth – Hippie



I’ve been finally working for last couple of weeks for Natja K. Ethical Collection website besides of drawing. I decided to leave this outfit out from the collection, because it is too different from other outfits.

For doing Ethical Collection website there was over 50 photos, where I had to do “cleaning” to the background. The wall behind model was dirty after graffiti tags, which hadn’t got off in the washing process of the wall, but it was anyway the best option for the outfit photoshoot last July. That “mechanical” work wasn’t my favorite job and invented about half year to do something quicker and more interesting Photoshop work. Now it is finally done and I’m working with layout and coding of Natja K. Ethical Collection website. I will launch it during next couple of weeks.

I have already written a blog post about making the hat of this outfit over year ago. Jacket is remade from long winter coat and I “covered” brown parts of the fabric with black leather remnants. I have called leftovers to this collection as remnants, because most of them were nearly chaff size pieces of materials.

Trousers are made of green brocade from Helsinki City Theatre’s second hand sale, what was many years ago. This outfit was very “forced” to do, because I needed to do skirt or trousers to have whole outfit and I’m not myself into those trousers at all. Gothic style top is my favorite piece in this outfit. It is made of the shirt bought from Fida Lähetystori second hand shop and details of the top are made of different recycled materials. Cardigan is also made from recycled materials.

Ok, this post was like promise to launch eventually Natja K. Ethical Collection website some day in future.