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Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design


Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design is good choice to visit when you travel to Tallinn, because it situates in Old Town, has a big collection and tickets are only 4 euros.

When people visit in Tallinn, they go nearly always in Old Town, where situates a couple of museums. Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design (ETDM) is definitely one of the most interesting ones. There’s thousands of pieces of applied art and design from their collection of 15000 exhibits. There’s ceramics, glass, textiles, furniture, leather, jewellery, metal and product design. Collection has initiated in 1919 as the part of the collections of the Estonian Art Museum.

When I visited in the museum in March 2017 there was as the changing exhibition European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics From Baroque until Today, where was ceramics from different countries of Europe. They were mainly dishes (lowest photos), but very interesting dishes.

I just took a couple of photos from some interesting exhibits, but I probably go again to ETDM when I visit in Tallinn, because there was so much to see for 4 euros.

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December is “a month of shopping”. I took photos from display windows in Stockholm and I share them to say a couple of words.

I’m still working for one own project around the big amount of photos what I took when I visited in Stockholm about a month ago. I have done blog posts, videos and shared things in social media at the same time I’m working for a bigger project, so getting it finished takes a longer time, but I want to keep things updated for you.

I have worked many years as salesperson and decorations in display windows is thing what I watch with the professional eye. It is part of the marketing and the brand image. I found many displays in Stockholm with personal, warm and artistic touch in the windows of smaller shops. One of Swedish ready-to-wear fashion brands Acne Studios, what have stores around the world had artistic neon light installations in their windows without any items they sell on display. It looked cool, but it’s also brave thing to do because customers have to get in the store to see what they are selling at the moment. Acne Studios affords to do so.

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Katja Nevalainen


Mirror Signs



These signs are made from mirror pieces just for fun.

This small project was inspired free by “trash stuff”. Signs are made of Ikea’s racks, what former inhabitant had left to this flat. I painted them black with the remains of one paint I had. Mirror pieces are from the mirror, what I dived from the bin and smashed.

Size of both sign: 79 x 9,5cm