Graphic Design

Stockholm Graphics



I visited one day trip in Stockholm to take some photos for one project what I’m working for. To this post I collected photos from graphic design what I saw in the streets.

The day was mainly cloudy but sun came out just when I walked back from Gamla Stan to Slussen. Above is photo of building covered with graffities in Slussen and I think that they are going to take the building apart soon and I wanted to share it with you.

Below is take away cup from Hantverkargatan 9 café for to share one package design example. Graphic and package design for take away products in cafées have been trendy last years. Small lunch take away café in Kungsholmen has it’s own take away cups and I recommend the place for it’s prices and the taste of the food.



I took photos of three posters in Södermalm, what are the styles from 1980’s, 1970’s and 1960’s. There was a lot of posters of current events around the city, but I didn’t took any photos of them.



Punk streetart in Södermalm

I photographed this random empty wine bottle in the street in punky corner because of the etiquette. Nice newspaper style label for red wine. I have been taking for a while mobile photos from stickers in the streets of Helsinki and I took a lot of photos from the stickers in Stockholm too. “Horn” below was covered with similar stickers, which make a pattern on it. All photos from the stickers can be seen on my Picsart account:






TypoCraftHelsinki’15 is an exhibition what combines Finnish typography with design, art and craftsmanship.

This exhibition is part of Helsinki Design Week and it is free in Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, Helsinki. It is simultaneously held in various places including The National Museum of Finland. I went to look TypoCraftHelsinki to Lokal, where works are also for sale. I took photos of some works.

In photo top:
24. Egs – Poster – b/w 15 €, color 30 €, original 150 €
12. Antero Nuutinen – Beam Me Up – 350 €


Above: Timo Ripatti – Albrecht – 350 € / 550 €
Belov: Tony Eräpuro – MA:1543 Series, Edition of 20, MA:1-10/T/B, MA:1-10/H/W, MA:1/W 75 € / 135 €, MA:Mikael/W 85 € /135 €




Above: Eeva Sivula – Tiles 146 x 146 cm, à 80 €
Belov: Mikko Keski-Vähälä – Mistä on kunnon Ä tehty? – 10-40 €


Above: Miklos Gaál – Everyday letters (outside the computer classroom) Outtake 1995-1998

Poster Inspiration



I got inspiration from the posters in Tallinn to do one poster as own project.

Poster I did is above. I got an idea for it from the photo I took from an old typewriter.

Posters in poster columns in Tallinn are much more artistic than in Finland. We have mainly bigger poster columns in Finland with very commercial posters from some advertising campaign. It would be cool, that there would be more artistic posters outside in Finland in addition to commercial bigger ones.