Photographer Francesca Woodman


New year and finally new blog post! I visited in last September at The Finnish Museum of Photography, where was Francesca Woodman’s exhibition.

Woodman was an American photographer, who died by suicide just at the age of 22. She was born in 1958 and died in 1981. Woodman studied at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island and one year during studies in Rome, 1977-1978. She spoke fluent Italian, because her family has spent summers in Italy. She moved to New York City in 1979 and tried to get work from fashion photographers without result.

In late 1980, Woodman became depressed due to the failure of her work to attract attention and to a broken relationship. She survived a suicide attempt in the autumn of 1980, after which she lived with her parents in Manhattan. On January 19, 1981, Woodman died by suicide, jumping out of a loft window of a building on the East Side of New York. Her father has suggested that Woodman’s suicide was related to an unsuccessful application for funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

During her short life Woodman created at least 10,000 negatives, which her parents now keep. Her parents also keep over 800 prints, of which only around 120 images had been published or exhibited as of 2006. Most of Woodman’s prints are 20 by 25 cm or smaller.

Exhibition’s theme in The Finnish Museum of Photography was “being an angel”. Inspiration to that were Duane Michals’ work where was features as blurring, angels and handwriting and the symbolic work of Max Klinger. Other influences to Woodman’s work were for example Gothic fiction, surrealism, André Breton’s novel Nadja, Man Ray and Deborah Turbeville. Woodman was exposed to In combining performance, play and self-exposure, Woodman’s photographs create extreme and often disturbing psychological states.


Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design


Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design is good choice to visit when you travel to Tallinn, because it situates in Old Town, has a big collection and tickets are only 4 euros.

When people visit in Tallinn, they go nearly always in Old Town, where situates a couple of museums. Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design (ETDM) is definitely one of the most interesting ones. There’s thousands of pieces of applied art and design from their collection of 15000 exhibits. There’s ceramics, glass, textiles, furniture, leather, jewellery, metal and product design. Collection has initiated in 1919 as the part of the collections of the Estonian Art Museum.

When I visited in the museum in March 2017 there was as the changing exhibition European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics From Baroque until Today, where was ceramics from different countries of Europe. They were mainly dishes (lowest photos), but very interesting dishes.

I just took a couple of photos from some interesting exhibits, but I probably go again to ETDM when I visit in Tallinn, because there was so much to see for 4 euros.

ETDM’s website:


Mark Ryden At CAC Málaga


Immediately when I walked in to Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, I knew that I was come in to interesting exhibition – there was Mark Ryden’s retrospective exhibition.

When I traveled to Málaga I visited in two museums, Centre Pompidou Málaga and CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo) de Málaga and I found CAC de Málaga not only more interesting, but also free. There was Mark Ryden’s first retrospective exhibition in Europe called Cámara de las maravillas. Ryden is an American painter (born 1963), who is part of Lowbrow, pop surrealist art movement. He works currently in Los Angeles. Ryden combines the elements of pop culture to the techniques of old masters.

Ryden’s subjects varies from cryptic to cute. He has used a lot of girl figures in his works, which express the innocence of childhood. Abraham Lincoln, Santa Claus, clowns and various characters act also role in big part of the artworks. His works are achingly beautiful and hint at darker psychic stuff beneath the surface of cultural kitsch. The frames of the paintings are like another pieces of art, they are carved from the wood and are even finer than the finest baroque frames.

Ryden has made also sculptures from porcelain. Below in the photo the work called Meat Dress is about 1,5 metres high and Anatomia is small, about 30 cm high. I can only admire the skills of Ryden, he is extremely competent in many techniques. If you ever have an opportunity to go see Ryden’s exhibition, I highly recommend to do so.

In CAC Málaga’s other exhibition with numerous artists had a lot of very stylish works. There was also some work from very famous names like Andy Warhol. I took a couple of photos from them what you can see here:

Mark Ryden’s website:
You can check all photos I took from Mark Ryden’s art here: