This is the fresh start for “real” blogging after making a blog for the school works in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I have moved from the previous blog some chosen articles and edited the content. The old blog, what’s name is Natja K.’s ProcessFusion still exist and I invented the name because the topics were so versatile. The name of this new blog, Natja K.’s Refusion is quite sensible after knowing the reasons for it’s predecessor.

In this blog I write about design and interesting topics in media and digital world. I will also show my fashion design what I do when I have spare time. I have BA from fashion design, but it’s not so “serious business” for me nowadays. I will also write more articles about graphic and web design mostly through my own work and remarks. All topics that you can find here are…

Graphic Design, Websites, Fashion Design, Photography, WordPress, Digital Media etc.

The layout of this blog is my style to make things in web look a bit more artistic. There’s contrast between jagged romantic layout and technical blog post topics, so this is again kind of fusion of different sides of my life. The blog posts from technical topics are mainly in Finnish and in English about my own design. There’s a “rev” with social media widgets in footer, because in my own blog I can test things. The green grass in this page is for completing the little green spot in the layouts sidebar, because there isn’t much green used elsewhere. The blog has been moderated from…

Koi theme, what is a free WordPress theme. I have been changed css for layout quite much, but the main typography is from Koi.

In My Sites page there’s introductions of my other websites what I have been done. I tell something about the ideas and implementation behind them and the concepts of the artistic websites. You could have better image what I can do technically in web design.

That’s about the main points in my blog, hope you find something interesting to read and check from here and please, follow me in my social media sites.

Katja Nevalainen
July, 2013