Punk’n Tulle Dreams



I finally made mixed media artworks to old window brought from Tallinn.

I brought old window from Tallinn to be frame for art in December 2014 and here it is finally in use. I cleaned and varnished it. For these mixed media artworks I used acrylic paints, fashion magazine clippings, tulle, leather, studs and glitter nail polish.



Ernesto Neto In Kiasma



I went to see Ernesto Neto’s exhibition in Kiasma.

Brazilian modernist Ernesto Neto had made big installations in Kiasma and one art video. In his art Neto uses elements what he has used over 20 years: the unity of humanity and nature, sensuousness, experientiality and the production of positive energy. You can go to walk after taking your shoes off in to his installations. Neto offers a moment of calming the mind and tuning the senses. There was only Neto’s exhibition and in one room Jani Ruscica’s artwork, other rooms were under construction for the next exhibition. You can watch a couple of more photos I took here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/albums/72157666569677696

Kiasma’s website: http://www.kiasma.fi/en/calendar/ernesto-neto/