I thought that it’s time to do an outfit post to this rainy late fall.

I bought a genuine kilt from second hand shop and I shortened it about 20 cm. I sewed a new lapel by hands like it had done by it’s maker, kiltmaker Hector Russell in Scotland. For the photoshoot I did Scottish kilt accessory sporran, a pouch that performs the same function as pockets. It is my custom option for the traditional sporran, what is usually made of leather and has horse hair covering it. My sporran is recycled fabric pouch covered with black pearl strings.

Photoshoot is made in Villa Kauklahti, Juppi’s house in Espoo. Painting behind me in the pic above is made by Annukka Mikkola.

The shirt is Makia’s second quality men’s shirt, what I made smaller to fit to me. Silver suspenders are from one of “the euro shops” in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki and the brown fox head brooch by Kettuset from second hand shop. Shoes are made of Scot style twill fabric by Roxy. Leg warmers I have sewed by myself from some recycled knit. Feather accessory on my head piece is from flea market and jacket is recycled and I have customized it by myself by making new sleeves to it.




Night Serenade


I haven’t done videos for a while, because I don’t have good camera for shooting proper video material. I still wanted to do some kind of video, because I like to do videos a lot and I shot a clip with my mobile phone.

This video have shot with Samsung Galaxy S5. I made it 6x faster with Fast & Slow Motion Videos application. Music for video is from Freeplay Music and it’s called Nightwalk. I edited music for the video with Premiere Pro and stabilized shaking in After Effects. Enjoy the night scene of Helsinki in the video!

I did also gif with Photoscape X and took some photos from the beautiful sunset. All these are shot from Viking Gabriella last week.



Stockholm Graphics



I visited one day trip in Stockholm to take some photos for one project what I’m working for. To this post I collected photos from graphic design what I saw in the streets.

The day was mainly cloudy but sun came out just when I walked back from Gamla Stan to Slussen. Above is photo of building covered with graffities in Slussen and I think that they are going to take the building apart soon and I wanted to share it with you.

Below is take away cup from Hantverkargatan 9 café for to share one package design example. Graphic and package design for take away products in cafées have been trendy last years. Small lunch take away café in Kungsholmen has it’s own take away cups and I recommend the place for it’s prices and the taste of the food.



I took photos of three posters in Södermalm, what are the styles from 1980’s, 1970’s and 1960’s. There was a lot of posters of current events around the city, but I didn’t took any photos of them.



Punk streetart in Södermalm

I photographed this random empty wine bottle in the street in punky corner because of the etiquette. Nice newspaper style label for red wine. I have been taking for a while mobile photos from stickers in the streets of Helsinki and I took a lot of photos from the stickers in Stockholm too. “Horn” below was covered with similar stickers, which make a pattern on it. All photos from the stickers can be seen on my Picsart account: