TypoCraftHelsinki’15 is an exhibition what combines Finnish typography with design, art and craftsmanship.

This exhibition is part of Helsinki Design Week and it is free in Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, Helsinki. It is simultaneously held in various places including The National Museum of Finland. I went to look TypoCraftHelsinki to Lokal, where works are also for sale. I took photos of some works.

In photo top:
24. Egs – Poster – b/w 15 €, color 30 €, original 150 €
12. Antero Nuutinen – Beam Me Up – 350 €


Above: Timo Ripatti – Albrecht – 350 € / 550 €
Belov: Tony Eräpuro – MA:1543 Series, Edition of 20, MA:1-10/T/B, MA:1-10/H/W, MA:1/W 75 € / 135 €, MA:Mikael/W 85 € /135 €




Above: Eeva Sivula – Tiles 146 x 146 cm, à 80 €
Belov: Mikko Keski-Vähälä – Mistä on kunnon Ä tehty? – 10-40 €


Above: Miklos Gaál – Everyday letters (outside the computer classroom) Outtake 1995-1998

Anthology Of Finnish Fashion



The exhibition called Anthology of Finnish Fashion is in Design Museum 5th June – 20th September 2015.

I went to see interesting exhibition Anthology of Finnish Fashion in Design Museum in Helsinki. The exhibition consists of Finnish fashion and fashion industry from 1950s to present. There’s designs over 50 designers. Two other exhibitions at the moment in Designmuseo are Finnish Form (1.1.2015-31.12.2016) and Artifact Beyond – Design in China Now (15.8.-1.11.2015). Anthology of Finnish Fashion and Artifact Beyond are part of Helsinki Design Week.

I picked some of the designers for short presentation to this post. You can see all the photos I took from the exhibition here, but I didn’t photographed all, so go to see the exhibition by yourself before it ends! Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/albums/72157655850453893

Sophie Sälekari

New designer who has got final place in competition in Hyères 2015 – 30th International Festival of Fashion and Photography last spring. She has studied in Aalto University and works as print designer for H&M. (first outfit in pic above)
Website: www.sophiesalekari.com



Daniel Palillo

Daniel Palillo has got own label under his name Daniel Palillo and designed individual patchwork style collections since 2008. He uses a lot of cotton jersey for his fun and original clothes.
Website: http://danielpalillo.blogspot.fi



Plastic Pony

Plastic Pony was an artistic project in 1990s, what got philosophical idea for making carnevalesque clothing to be permissible for everybody. It’s meaning was also to increase communication between people and decrease the use of drugs. Plastic Pony performance group did performances and fashion happenings. Designers for the clothes in picture are Joona Braf and Petri Sipilä.
Source: http://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2008/02/12/90-luvun-muotia-plastic-pony




Elina Laitinen, Siiri Raasakka and Tiia Sirén are young designers, who has studied in Aalto University and done collections together. They won the first prize in Hyères competition with this Swarowski crystal outfit in 2012.
Website: http://laitinen-raasakka-siren.tumblr.com/

Waste Side Story 2015



Waste Side Story Fashion Show was arranged this year in August 20th in The Night Of The Arts of Helsinki.

Finnish ethical innovation Pure Waste Textiles had asked photographers, illustrators, artists, bloggers and other creative professionals to implement one outfit to the show. Pure Waste Textiles had given to them one outfit, college jersey shirt and trousers or some other material like denim. Fashion show was held in Botta and it was part of Art Goes Kapakka bar festival. Last year it was part of Helsinki Design Week and this was second time when show was arranged.

There was seen over 40 outfits. Designers had got free hands to design, but common theme of the show was masks. This year’s Waste Side Story had much funness and the atmosphere in the show was happy. People were waiting for the good party after the show. Best thing was to see so many kind of creativity in one show. For example Annette Heiskanen and Mert Otsamo had designed dramatic and artistic outfits (photos top).



Fun Picks

Artist Konsta Ojala had made the most distinct catwalk accessory to his “mouse”, huge eyeball. Teemu Keisteri, “Ukkeli artist” was model to his own neon pink eyes of Ukkeli outfit. Mari Keto & Piia Keto had designed together Lapland’s national outfit like structure from colorful threads to grey jersey leisurewear.


Acrobatics and Fine Leisurewear

Lille was one of the illustrator designers of the show and model made frontlips on catwalk. Rajala & Meri & Mari Design had implemented exciting structure to cotton jersey suit. Rajala Pro Shop selling cameras was one of the co-operation partners in the show. Kolya Kotov‘s beautifully printed black leisurewear was one of the most commercial outfits of the show.


Show was very happy and last photo is from the end of the show, photographer Viivi Huuska walks with her model in red fringes show outfit. Check out all the photos from the show here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/albums/72157655405571184

Shop Pure Waste’s Design

You can go to shop ecological design from Pure Waste in their online shop: www.purewaste.org