August Sun Hippie



Warm late afternoon’s August sun made all colors shine in this hippie style photoshoot.

I made this outfit inspired by this summer’s trends, boho chic, fringes and bell button jeans. Photos are shot in Botanical Garden in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. Sun made all colors to shine, but shadow areas looked dark. Sunrays created happy shiny hippie world to the shades of the trees.



Muotiratikka Fashion Show 2015



Muotiratikka Fashion Show was held at Kaiku and Kuistinen in Kallio, Helsinki in 5th of August after three days of Fashion Tram rides around the city.

This year was second year when Fashion Tram was arranged. The idea of Fashion Tram is that free tram takes people around the city to the local fashion stores. DJs and artists play music during the tram rides. In addition to fashion stores and designers Fashion Tram had some artists and restaurants among in the event. Fashion Tram rode from 3th to 5th of August and “the last stop” was fashion show, pop up store and party at Kaiku, Kuistinen and Stidilä in Kallio.

For Fashion Tram has been made excellent videos, where you can get good look for the stores and products even if you don’t understand Finnish. I recommend to watch them in Youtube:


In the photos on top are beautiful print dresses from Jatuli and gorgeus handbag from Sulokas.

Jatuli’s website: Jatuli
Sulokas website: Sulokas



Burlesque Tsunami

Burlesque Tsunami brand has been one the most active in participating and also taken part in arranging fashion shows in Helsinki during last years. Cheering and shouting was loud when their collection was showed at Kuistinen’s terrace, where the most of the audience of the show was. Burlesque Tsunami’s designer Riina Salmi was also in Muotiratikka’s team. Summer collection was this time very colorful with print fabrics.




Haldin, Muka va and RARA

Collections from Haldin and Muka va stood out from the show as their own recognizable styles. Both collections were colorful and pretty. Sandals are made by RARA, one of Finnish shoe design brands.

Haldin’s website:

Muka va’s website:

RARA’s website:



Pop Up Store

Fashion Tram had pop up store in 5th of August next to Kaiku in Stidilä. There was also works from artists, who participated to Fashion Tram, like neon color “Ukkeli” paintings from Teemu Keisteri. I wasn’t seen before any Sulokas handbags, what made the biggest impression to me of all designs seen in Fashion Tram. Designer Sini Tanninen is also making shoes and accessories with great professionalism. If Sulokas isn’t familiar yet, take a look now!

Sulokas website (another time in this blog post):

About Photos

I apologize the quality of my photos. I was very disappointed to the photos I got this time, even if I have nearly always problem with the light intensity of the basic lens, what is only one I have. Better lens is one item on top on my purchase list, what I would buy if I would have extra money. Anyway, you can check in a sense of documentation all photos I took from the show here: