OMA15 Fashion Show



OMA15 was the fashion show of graduating students from Metropolia University Of Applied Sciences.

OMA15 was arranged in Vapaan Taiteen Tila in Sörnäinen, Helsinki 27th of May. Vapaan Taiteen Tila is a shelter, old bombproof inside the rock in the back street Vilhonvuorenkuja and it is quite little known place. When there’s not an event going on, there’s a fence in front of the entrance and not any proper sign and name of the space, but there’s still arranged many events all the time. Space itself should be better advertised in the busy Hämeentie. It would have been good also for this fashion show if they would have put sign of the event to Hämeentie.

OMA15 was presented two times in the same day and I went to earlier show, what was clearly more silent show than later one. There was presented 9 collections from 10 designers from ski collection to working clothes for pharmacy workers and from imaginary collections to casual commercial collections. In addition to lousy informing of the show room there was one thing awry in arranging the event, lights. Catwalk was too dark with hard spotlights and dark shadows. It would have been better to keep the main lights of the room on, because fashion shows are not rock concerts, but for presenting clothes. That wasn’t the fault of the designers, but the fault of the teachers who should know and the students from cultural management who produced the event.

Here’s anyway photos from show, where was a couple of very nice collections. Photos above are from Susanna Lipponen’s collection called Blackwaves, where was also seen folded dresses in the shades of red. In the photos right below are Kristiina Yrjänäinen’s and Laura Gröndahl’s design from collection L + K S/S 16. There was colourful prints in happy summer clothes and some good accessories like red backpack in the photo. In Johanna Blom’s collection called Love; was maxi skirts made of vinyl, maxi skirt with heart shaped balloons and a dress with “Love” print.

OMA15 fashion show had good website and social media, Facebook page and Instagram, but for raising the visibility of graduating fashion design students of Metropolia University Of Applied Sciences their fashion show should be better arranged and advertised.

You can see all the photos I took from the show here:






Aalto University’s fashion show Näytös’15 was arranged at 22nd of May as the part of Pre Helsinki in Kattilahalli, Suvilahti.

As Näytös’15 is now part of the Pre Helsinki event, what helps emerging Finnish fashion designers gain international contacts and business opportunities and students of Aalto University has won in Hyères fashion competition during last years there was headhunters, reporters and buyers from abroad sitting in the first row in audience. I bought my ticket a week advance and the show for 1000 people was sold out.

Näytös’15 was full of imaginative and abundant design. There was 22 graduate collections for BA or MA degree. About a half of the collections were menswear projects. Three themes stood out in the show, fringes, darts and straps. I picked here some designs I liked the most.

Anni Raasmaja (BA)

Anni Raasmaja had done beautiful collection from shiny materials in red and white (pics above). Lots of fringes. She got award from Diesel after the show.



Emma Saarnio (BA)

Emma Saarnio had cow skin prints and black. Also in her collection was a lot of fringes. She had used cross shape in different ways for the design. It was balanced and ambitious collection.



Hanne Jurmu (MA1), Anton Vartiainen (BA)

This collaboration collection for men was probably the most imaginative of all collections. They had pressed plants to the clothes and models looked like crazy botanists or bird scarers. In this collections were a lot of fringes too.



Maria Suomalainen (BA)

This collection was made entirely of white fabrics, what have been modified by darting to interesting figures.



Humorous Menswear Collections

In the show was many collections for men, what demand sense of humor from their users. Maija Mero and Pauliina Salmela had designed fully shiny pink collection with flower prints and knits. Havina Jäntti had light pastel color palette and skirts in her menswear collection. Rolf Ekroth had also skirts, bathroom carpet kind of fringes and collection were styled with knee socks. Joona Rautiainen and Anna Sarasoja had unfortunately used fur in their collection. There was seen also pink and cross shapes over the chest like in Saarnio’s collection. These menswear collections made me think design philosophies behind them.

You can see all the photos I took from the show here:

Marimekko S15 Fashion Show



Marimekko Summer 15 Fashion Show was arranged on 22nd of May at Esplanade Park.

The day was warmest and sunniest day yet in this spring, so it was perfect for presenting the flower dresses in the park. Marimekko Summer 15 Fashion Show was part of the Pre Helsinki fashion event, what was this time arranged 20th – 24th of May in Helsinki. There was Olavi Uusivirta playing live music at the catwalk stage, what was very nice.

All photos I took from the show: