Glitter Night 2



Another set of Glitter Night acrylic paintings.

Base of the bigger one is this time door of the cupboard and that’s why there’s also little hole where puller has been. One side of the door wasn’t totally straight, but I didn’t start to use saw. Smaller one is made for genuine canvas panel and decorated with glitter decoration.

Size of the bigger painting: 34 cm x 45 cm
Size of the smaller painting: 18 cm x 24 cm



Glitter Night



More acrylic paintings in fashion illustration spirit.

These two paintings are made to old racks from some cupboard, what I found from this apartment when I moved in.

Size of the paintings: 38cm x 45cm



Sequin Girl In Gold Frame



I found mirror frame with gold paint from demountable platform in Töölö in the beginning of March and decided to do painting to it. Here it is.

I painted this girl to mirror’s original background, what was chipboard. It isn’t the best base for acrylic painting, because chipboard absorbs paint inside it at first round of painting, but eventually I was satisfied with the result. I glued sequins and pieces from broken mirror, what I had found earlier this spring from trash bin.

Size with frame: 42,5cm x 167cm
Size of the painting: 28cm x 152,5cm