360° Fashion Showroom Experience



360° Fashion Showroom Experience is an annual two day event. It presents new fashion, lifestyle, design and technology products in one showroom. I tell what I saw yesterday in the event.

This year’s event was arranged Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of January. Venue, TK8 Studio where event was arranged locates in old industry building made of red bricks in southern dockyard area in Helsinki. There’s couple of those buildings renovated for loft style showrooms and studios, where’s many new Finnish design companies. The reason why I went to this event was fashion show.

TK8 Studio is 225 m2 space and it was decorated impressively to the event. There was fog machine in the middle of the room and DJ was playing catchy beats. There was big silver sequin Magnum drawing attention and all the visitors got the chance to taste new Magnum ice cream taste, either Pink Raspberry or Black Espresso. I chose Black Espresso and I recommend it if you like Da Capo chocolate, when it comes to the sale in April 2015.

TK8 Studio’s website: http://www.tk8.fi/


LOVE Made By Mask & Mora Fashion Show

Burlesque Tsunami’s mask designs have became well known trend street style among hipsters and design focused people in the streets of Helsinki during last years. Burlesque Tsunami was one of the designers also in Helsinki Design Week 2014’s Waste Side Story fashion show last fall and have been active many fashion events lately. Burlesque Tsunami’s design is focused to sustainability. Their materials are mostly sourced from scraps or industry leftovers and the manufacturing process is mainly dictated by handwork.

Organizer of 360° Fashion Showroom Experience Evelyn Mora had designed summer sport style clothes in co-operations with Burlesque Tsunami’s designer under the name LOVE Made By Mask & Mora. In many clothes design was based on prints, what would be nice to see closer that you can read all the text, what went by on fashion show. Another element in addition to prints was square fabrics. Interesting to see if there’s coming more clothes from these two designers together.

Burlesque Tsunami: https://www.facebook.com/BurlesqueTsunami


Robust North

One of the companies presenting their products was Robust North. They are developing creative information technology and tools for modern marketing. They are specialized for augmented reality technology platforms. I tested their free augmented reality mobile app Arilyn, when I came home from the event. It was surprising and enlightening experience. I recommend you to download it from Play Store to your mobile and try it yourself.
Robust North: http://www.robustnorth.com/
Arilyn: http://www.arilyn.fi/

Here’s the link to video, what I made from still photos I took from the hidden video, what started to play in my mobile when I used Arilyn. I used other applications for mobile to do this video.



360° Fashion Showroom Experience was great, so I recommend to go!

360° Fashion Showroom Experience: http://www.360fashionshowroom.com/
360° Fashion Showroom Experience Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/360experienceshow?fref=tsAll photos from the event in Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/sets/72157650313095072/

Lux Helsinki 2015



This post is an event photography post from Lux Helsinki 2015, because I wanted to post something for the beginning of year 2015. From Lux Helsinki it is possible to have very much my style photos, artistic lights in black night.

I photoshooted artworks, what inspired me most, but there’s plenty more installations in Lux Helsinki 2015. This is seventh year when event has been arranged and it lasts four days, 4.-8.1.2015. Here’s the link for the website: http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en

ACT Lighting Design & Odeaubois: OVO

First photo is ACT Lighting Design & Odeaubois: OVO from Hakasalmi Villa’s rear yard. Wooden installation changes colors and viewers can enter the installation. It has been presented already around the world at different events.

Lighting Design Collective Helsinki: Anonymous

In the photo below there’s Lighting Design Collective Helsinki’s Anonymous in the yard of Finlandia Hall. Anybody from the viewers can go in to white cube for three minutes to express an opinion, tell a joke, or sing. The characters of persons who are in the cube are reflected to the wall of Finlandia Hall as vague figures and their voices sounds unrecognizable. I think that this was the best work in Lux Helsinki 2015.

Vine clip from the installation: https://vine.co/v/OdLEJmTlP9F



Ishmail Sandstroem: Mandala

Implements used for the treatment of diabetes like insulin pens and needles have got very inspiring place to present them, The Great Courtyard of National Museum. Medieval style architecture of National Museum of Finland as illuminated with color lights looks exciting and beautiful.



Ville Mäkelä: Vladimir

This small installation at courtyard of Bryggeri Helsinki in Tori Quarters protests against the ideology currently underlying Russian politics.

All photos in Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98052824@N03/sets/72157649757313900/