Interior Design Projects



I have done a lot of DIY and tuning interior design projects to my home during years. I show some of them concentrating to my dark blue alcove, where I have also painted starry sky to the roof.

I told a couple of posts earlier that I’m planning to do real art pieces to mirrors. I have done decorative mirror art already earlier, small guitar shaped mirror art and swirls to the wall of small round mirror pieces. Mirror ball chandelier was specially made to fit to this interior.




Tulle Lampshade

After doing mirror ball chandelier I did this easy and quick tulle lampshade to Ikea’s lamp leg, where I had before done lampshade from black feathers. This turquoise tulle lampshade fits better to dark blue walls. I tried to photoshoot the lampshade with light on in alcove, but it was the most difficult thing to shoot, light burned through and surroundings were in the dark. So I went to shoot the lampshade to the balcony on these dark days of December, that you can see how it is like.




It was same thing with photoshooting to this dreamcatcher, what I have done already many years ago. I have liked it so long, that it deserves to be shown to the world too.




I have specially sewed patchwork counterpane to this blue interior. I used among other fabrics denim manipulated with chlorite and star sign fabric bought from Indian Bazaar. Counterpane is two-sided, where the other side is made of red retro pattern fabric. For another apartment I have earlier made another patchwork counterpane from warm spicy colored fabrics.


Mirror Ball Chandelier



I have got an idea of doing my own proper version of custom chandelier many years and I finally implemented it in this December. I’m quite happy how grand it looks completed.

This chandelier isn’t meant to be lamp, but only decoration. I have had quickly done plain version of that mirror ball chandelier many years, but there wasn’t any crystals in it. Few years back I got and bought some crystals as purpose to do a proper chandelier and now it’s finally done.

I went to take some photos this morning on the highest balcony of the house where I live in, because I wanted some beautiful photos of crystals in brighter light than inside.



I introduce materials, what I used for this chandelier. The chandelier turned out just how I got materials, I didn’t buy anything now for implementing it. I did this in three days, working 5-7 hours per day. Little pearls had to be count, when you’re planning that they are going to be enough for the rounds. I had to also clean out and make main part of the crystals and chains from the broken trash Christmas decorations, what I took few years back when I was working in Tiimari (shop chain, what sold big amount of Christmas decoration in Finland). I sprayed lamp shade frame what I used with silver spray.




Crystals with chain and light green heart crystals are separated from broken Christmas decoration. Pike crystals have been bought from Tiimari. Round big crystals are glass and many decades old. I got only these five of them.


Mirror Ball has been bought about 10 years ago from some random shop. It is cheap version of mirror ball, mirror pieces have been glued to styrofoam ball. It is lightweight and good for this kind of use. White pearls are also from some random shop and all the other materials in pics above are from Tiimari.


Sleighbells are also bought from Tiimari. Wire for making jewelry is from Sinelli and fishing line from some fishing shop. Tinsel threads are also from some fishing shop and I used at the end only the silver one.

Mirror ball chandelier has dark blue background in my home and it fits and backfills perfectly that corner in my interior design. I want to share with you one song what I listened, when I worked with this chandelier.



Faces Coat



Outfit post of my new Natja K. winter coat, what I just finished. I have quite rarely opportunity to do outfit posts, but in this photoshoot day we got also lovely sunny weather in Helsinki after long period of rain.

I designed and sewed this coat for my own use, because I saw this gothic vibe fabric in one piece box in Eurokangas last month. I noticed that faces of the fabric form circles in the front side, but the patterns couldn’t been set differently, because I had to use whole fabric precisely. I don’t think it is bad that faces form circle chain, like number eight when my hair is back.

For doing “a warmth” lining to the coat I used recycled remnants of wool fabric pieces and buckram for wool, so this coat is again quite near ethical fashion. Like I have written before, all fabrics in Eurokangas are made in Europe, but of course fibres are often somewhere else. All the fabrics bought from piece boxes are anyway end of bolts.

Other Clothes

Ski cap – H&M
Scarf – Gina Tricot
Gloves – H&M
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – Boot Factory



Lining of the coat is from the bolt of Atos Lombardini Collection, 100 % viscose. Atos Lombardini fabrics are made in Italy. Viscose is made of cellulose fibres, what come out as byproduct from wood processing. Manufacturing of viscose isn’t very ethical, there’s used lots of water and some chemicals, but it has changed lately for better direction.

I took these close up pictures that you can see how the faces in the fabric look. There isn’t any famous people, they could be some medieval faces or artists. I think that fabric is 100 % polyester or some other synthetic fibres.