Natja K. Ethical Collection Fall/Winter 2014/2015



Here’s one photo of each outfit of Natja K. Ethical Collection Fall/Winter 2014/2015. Photoshoot on last week went well despite of short showers of rain. There’s much layers on each outfit and here’s only one photo of each except brocade parka winter coat outfit, which has under it red and black shorts, shirt and mesh jacket. There’s some tops that can’t be seen in these photos still at all.

I have plan to do a website for the collection later this year, where will be more photos of each outfit. There’s still that one if, that if I get some more important work project, it goes first and now I start to work finally for art exhibition for what I got small bursary. I also have to renew my portfolio and I’m aware that executing a website for the collection can move even for next year.

An idea behind the collection was to use mainly remnants, recycled materials and fabrics, what I had in my stock for a long time. Outfits are different subculture characters and mixes of them with a retro vibe. There are girls who are going to school ballroom parties, biker girl, 50’s girl, goths, hippies, mixes of them and punk and baseball jacket girls with different music genre indications. I’m satisfied how I managed to combine this kind of hodgepodge of materials and colors to have some scheme in the collection. I used a lot of black leather remnants and recycled leather, black lace, similar kind of silhouette for skirts, splash printing and subculture characters. For under the brocade parka I had to made outfit that fits with the coat from materials that I still had and that’s a joker outfit of the collection.

Implementing of the outfits took a lot of time, because there’s so much pieces used to put some of the garments together. Cutting, ironing buckram and sewing time was multiple for doing cloth from normal pieces. Also dye and print whole fabrics and sewing by hand took a lot of time, but it was very rewarding and important to me to do this collection. I have developed earlier mind, what thinks and designs fashion nearly continuously and it was good to accomplish my mission at times. After achieving one mission it feels better to move on into another mission.


Chapter Dye With Dylon And Splash Print



I decided to do batik dye to green Nanso tricot, what has been over 10 years in my stock, because I don’t like the color of it. I have dyed many fabrics with Dylon textile colors during years and here’s post about the dye and splash print project what I just did.

I justify taking Nanso tricot, what isn’t organic cotton or not recycled to my ethical collection, because it has been so long in my closet. Nanso tricot is 95% cotton and 5% elastane and the origin of the cotton isn’t in the offing. High quality cotton is anyway very long lasting fabric in use and it has been knitted in Finland, so there’s defense points to use it in ethical collection in my case.

Above in the picture is Dylon display in Stockmann. It can be found in the back of Delicatess department. I bought this time Intense Violet and Bahama Blue for hand dye for the green Nanso tricot. I would have bought Ocean Blue, but it was sold out. In addition there’s needed salt fro dye. I bought also rough sea salt and I used it to make effects to dye, but I didn’t got it to work this time at all. I have used it earlier for some batik dye with chlorite and it made nice effects then, but the way I did now, put it inside to knots, it didn’t work at all.

I used first Bahama Blue and it made only light batik pattern effect, but dyed the tricot nicely a little bit more darker. Intense Violet gave visible batik pattern to the tricot.


In the first picture above you can see how the color of the tricot changed. I use also the top, where’s black print what I have designed myself earlier to make the dress of the green tricot. In the right upper corner picture there’s textile print color bottles, what I bought a couple years earlier when I worked in Tiimari. I got often great opportunities to buy some products nearly free. Once I got to buy these silver and gold textile print colors, what still were in old packages and I used them to make splash print to tricots in this Natja K. ethical collection.Below in the pictures there’s also fabrics dyed with Dylon dyes. I have dyed already many years ago college tricot with black machine use Dylon dye and because there was probably half of the fabric polyester, light lilac college tricot didn’t become black. Dylon dyes are for the natural fibers. I used the remnants of the dyed college tricot for the baseball jacket in this collection. Violet tricot has been white Nanso tricot, what I have dyed also years earlier with Dylon’s Intense Violet machine use dye. I have had real difficulties to make colorful clothes to myself and Nanso tricots have got stuck in my stock for over ten years, so I really justify them to be ethical in this case.



Chapter Of Ethical Collection Making Process



I wrote a post of the plan to have my ethical collection finished and photographed in the last week of June. I tell what happened to that here.

It didn’t managed because of the weather would have been so sunny and tempting to go out, but I got sick on Midsummer week and I couldn’t work for many days at all. Then, something else more urgent work stuff occurred and it took some time too. So, I’m still finishing the outfits and the whole collection will be photoshooted on next week. Once again, hopefully. Here’s anyway chapter post with some pictures of working process. Above, there’s pics taken with mobile, because I have at once also other colors in addition to black on my overlocker. Pics have got through Instagram’s Valencia filter.

These, not so beautiful photos are of making splash print for tricot. I did pattern by taping pattern paper on tricot and painting the figures with brush and then again making splash printing. To be continued…