Natja K. – The Story Behind My Logo & Self Promotion



Sometimes people ask what is the idea behind my Natja K. logo and I think, that many more don’t ask, but wonder what it is about. I explain here the story behind it and do also some self promotion of my professional skills with the graphs, what I just did the other day.

My name is Katja Nevalainen and the first time when I used name Natja K. was in year 2000. In Natja K. my initials were turned around to be my brand, the label name for my own cloth collections, what I designed. Later Natja K. became the name of my own company. This logo above was designed for Natja K. Rock Fashion Collection in 2003 and the main idea of the heart, what a knife has pierced was taken from tattoo imagery. Back then the trend of the use of the tattoo catalog images as print topic for the clothes was only coming so popular as it was about 5-6 years ago. There’s my hand printed brand labels for the lamb leather and satin ribbons above in the picture.

I chose the font for the logo to be rock and edgy and the first use of it was the printed brand labels, what were sewed to the the clothes. The idea, how I wanted the brand labels look in clothes defined most my choice as logo font. The font was Adler, what is very rough and also kind of clumsy looking font, because there’s so bold lines in the letters, where normally in fonts are thinner lines. I tidied up the roughness of the font for the logo and modified it to be more balanced as printed logo in cloths. Below in the image you can see how Adler looks if there’s nothing done to it and below that there’s Natja K. brand label in use in the coat.


Renewal of the Logo for Graphic Design Use

I established my own company named Natja K. to make clothes and accessories under Natja K. label in the end of the year 2007. Then I decided to go to study another degree in digital media in 2008 and renewed Natja K. logo for graphic design use. I found the modifying of the heart easier than to find the right font to use with it. Adler felt too clumsy no matter how much I used time for modifying it smoothier and more elegant.

Now I have used Perspective Sans Bold as logo font for several years, but I’m not entirely satisfied with it. “The Knife in the Heart” is quite demanding logo picture topic, when you’re trying to make it look more formal and neat, but at the same time rock’n roll style. By choosing the cleaner lined font with it there’s possibilities to make the message of the logo to go more to that direction, but then again very formal fonts are not working with the heart. Below is the logo as how it has looked during last years.


Natja K. Business Cards

I designed this business card about a year ago and again there was a question, “What works with Knife in the Heart image?” In addition to Fashion Designer background I have a long history as doing every kind of fine art stuff and drawing, so I decided to use pink stains with the logo as remark for it. That made a card look like a business card of the visual artist, but I am versatile what comes to visual art and design. I wanted to give an idea, that I have had a lot to do with actual materials, paints, drawing equipments, fabrics etc. I was content, when I got the cards as printed matter in my hands, because the pink color came out from the print beautiful and quite heavy coated matte paper, what I chose to the cards worked well and felt good in hands.

Anyway, I feel often when I try to sell myself as web designer and coder to some client, that my business card doesn’t raise right kind of thoughts about me because it is so artistic. I’m very versatile designer and I have practical and theoretical sides in me very strong too. I have thought, that I have to design another card, what represents technical and practical sides of me and give the adequate business card depending on what I want to sell or even give the both of the cards to the clients if it feels right.


Self Promotion Graphs of My Professional Skills

I just made the other day a new info graphic CV to myself and here’s a couple of graphs from it, what I designed for presenting my professional skills. I wanted to make a graph, what again shows my own style as designer, what is very artistic, but at the same time logical and techical. I also wanted, that the style of the CV has consistency with business card and I used same colors and same pink stain as in business card for one of the graphs.


Klassiset muotilehtifontit



Voguen ja Ellen logot ovat muodostuneet vuosikymmenien aikana ikonisen tunnistettaviksi. Samojen fonttiperheiden eri leikkauksia käytetään myös lehtien sisällä taitossa ja fonttien tyyli on assosioitunut vahvasti muotiin myös muissa yhteyksissä ja julkaisuissa. Tässä postissa kerron kyseisistä fonteista ja esittelen ilmaiset vaihtoehdot klassisille muotilehtifonteille.

Voguen logon fontti on LTC Bodoni 175™, joka on maksullinen fontti ja ostettavissa esim. MyFonts-sivustolta hintaan 6 leikkausta/49,00 €. Bodoni-fontista on olemassa useita maksullisia ja ilmaisia variaatioita. Bodonin on alun perin luonut Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) vuonna 1798. Bodoni, joka kuuluu päätteellisiin eli antiikvoihin on kehitetty Baskerville -fontista. Bodoni -fontti kuuluu fonttien ryhmittelyssä Didone -antiikvojen ryhmään (

Didone -antiikvojen ryhmittely (Modern Face)

ATypI eli Association Typographique Internationale (the International Typography Association) on kansainvälinen voittoa tavoittelematon organisaatio, joka on omistautunut typografialle ja fonttien suunnittelulle. Sen on perustanut ranskalainen Charles Peignot vuonna 1957 ja organisaation jäsenet ovat fonttien suunnittelijoita, graafisia suunnittelijoita ja fonttivalimoiden edustajia ( Organisaatio on määritellyt fontteja ryhmiin ja Didone -ryhmän tuntomerkit ovat:

– suorat hiuslinjat ilman väkäsiä (Slab-fonteissa on väkäset)
– fonttien pystylinjat ovat paksuja
– suuri kontrasti paksujen ja ohuiden linjojen välillä (pystysuorat linjat ovat paksuja suhteessa vaakasuoriin linjoihin)
– koristeeton, “moderni” muotoilu

Didone -fonttiryhmästä käytetään myös nimeä “Modern” tai “Modern Face”. Tämä fonttityyli on kehitetty 1700-luvun loppupuolella ja ensimmäinen “Modern Face” -fontti oli Didot (

Ilmaisia Modern Face -fontteja

BodoniFLF (4 leikkausta)
BodoniUltraFLF (2 leikkausta)
BodoniXT (1 leikkaus)
Didot (3 leikkausta, linkit kaikkiin löytyvät samalta sivustolta)
AW Conqueror Didot (1 leikkaus)
Dubiel (2 leikkausta)
Neoplanta BG (4 leikkausta)
Ellen fontti on hyvin lähellä ilmaista Onyx-fonttia, josta Ellen logo on mitä ilmeisimmin venytetty vielä korkeammaksi ja kapeammaksi. Alla linkki sivustolle, josta voi ladata Onyx-fontin ilmaiseksi ja muita samantapaisia korkeita ja kapeita Condensed Didoneja. Ilmaisten fonttien ongelmana on usein leikkauksien vähyys, mutta etsiessäni Modern Face “muotifontteja” löysin myös muutaman fonttiperheen, jossa oli paljon leikkauksia. Glamor-fonttiperheessä niitä oli jopa tarpeettoman paljon, sillä Regularien ja Mediumien eroa tuskin huomaa ja fontti on hyvin erikoinen, jolloin sillä ei kokonaisia taittoja vain kyseisen fonttiperheen leikkauksilla kannata tehdä, jos pyrkii hyvään graafiseen lopputulokseen.
Onyx (1 leikkaus)

Walbaum (8 leikkausta Didone-ryhmään luokiteltavia Walbaum-fontteja. Fontin leikkausten nimet karkottavat jotenkin muodin mielestä… mutta menevät oikein käytettynä “ihan täydestä” muotiin liittyvissä taitoissa.)

Muunneltuja Modern Face-fontteja

playfair_800Playfair Display (sivustolla ladattavissa 12 leikkausta. Playfair Displayn muodot ovat kaarevampia kuin puhtaiden Didone-ryhmän fonttien. )
Glamor (24 leikkausta)
Otama.ep (1 leikkaus)
Perla (1 leikkaus)
King’s Gambit (1 leikkaus)

Clothes for a Baby


Suddenly there came a need to do clothes for a friend’s baby girl. I realized, that I haven’t ever done clothes for children before! Only for women and men. Luckily, now that fault has been fixed.

I didn’t have any patterns for children and I went to library and borrowed a couple of pattern magazines to have them. The fabrics for the clothes I bought again from Eurokangas. I found out, that tricots for the children were mostly ugly, too much colors and figures. So, I checked out everything there and ended up to the fabrics, that aren’t too girly: light weight denim, black tricot with polka dots, plain black tricot and bright yellow tricot. I took a small piece of yellow tricot, because I thought a long time if I should buy yellow tricot with polka dots, but I chose black and white option.

I had already green tricot with polka dots back home. Somebody would say, that chosen fabrics are boyish for the girl, but it was a feel between the bolts, that these are anyway the best options.

Naturally I washed all the fabrics first to prevent shrinking. When I cut the pieces, I left out yellow tricot, but used also green ribbed tricot, what I had dyed myself from white tricot to match with green polka dot tricot a couple years back. I changed patterns quite a little and these were my first clothes for children ever, so this was a rehearsal time.For the dress I didn’t want to use zipper on back, because I thought, that it wouldn’t be nice to sprawl on it. The use of silver push buttons made dress look only a little bit rock, but not too much. I thought my friend’s taste.

For the baby’s jeans I made back pockets like on adults jeans and used yellowish denim thread. I changed patterns a bit, but these are basic clothes anyway. It was so nice to sew this small clothes, what are made for 62 cm tall baby. It was surprise how few fabric these took and from all the used fabrics, there remained more remnants than I thought. I can also draw a cross to the wall, because for the green clothes I changed black threads away from the overlocker for the first time for so long time, that I can’t even remember, when there was some other colored threads in use.

About Ethical Natja K. F/W 2014/2015 Collection

I wrote before, that there would be the rest of the photoshoot posts and compaction post of the collection on March, but my model said, that she has still very busy time and we couldn’t settle the dates for the photoshoots. Anyway, I have more clothes ready and well planned photoshoots for the collection waiting, but I had also a plan to do proper illustrations of the collection and explain more carefully the ideas, cut lines and philosophy behind the collection. Because I’m a designer, I have always so much ideas, that there is still more outfits to sew to the collection than I have already finished. I had busy February with other projects than sewing and my next urgent need to sew is out of my collection, new leather jacket for myself…

March is already on half way, so I think, that it would be a hard bite to do a leather jacket and proper illustrations of the whole collection by the end of the March, because I have also other businesses going on. I try my best to be as efficient as I can and I promise, that Natja K. Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Collection has been presented to the public at least by the autumn 2014, ;P